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Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 OC review
Graphics Cards
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 18:42

From Guru3D:

AMD recently released two new products, the Radeon HD 7850 and 7870.

These two new mid-range cards are going to shift the dynamics in the graphics arena alright, as the entire package including performance is really impressive for the 7800 series. So with AMD's 7700 series barely released we now see Pitcairn, AKA the 7800-Series. A product series that is to replace the 6800-series performance-wise, it is based on AMD's 28nm process and of course the latest Graphics Core Next GPU architecture.

As stated there are two graphics cards released today, Pitcairn XT (GPU codename) is the AMD Radeon HD HD7870 - it will have 20 Compute Units carrying 1280 Stream Processors, 80 texture units and 32 ROPs. core and memory frequencies will clock in at an impressive 1000 MHz on the GPU and 1200MHz (4800MHz effective GDDR5) on the memory, this product is equipped with 2GB memory running over a 256-bit memory interface. AMD brands this product the "One GHz Edition" due to the reference clock frequency. This means that AMD's partners can release products clocked even higher.




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