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Palit 7900GS Review - Overclocking
Graphics Cards
Written by Monkeyman   
Sunday, 22 October 2006 20:19
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I am only briefly going to cover the actual process to overclock your card as there are numerous guides on how to do this and there are always people willing to help you here on AOA..

Basically overclocking your card involves either installing coolbits.reg which is available here on AOA, or using modified drives such as those from Tweaks 'r Us which have this feature pre-enabled and then enabling manual overclocking and moving the core slider up 5Mhz at a time, running the “test settings” and when it reaches a point where it fails the test back off around 10MHz and benchmark to ensure stability. Once you have found your optimum core speed then repeat the process with your memory until you have the best overclock attainable.

The core should nearly always be overclocked first as your maximum core clock may not always be achievable when your memory is maxed out, in most cases core speed is more beneficial than memory speed.

In my case I reached 580MHz on the core and 1450MHz on the memory which is a 29% overclock on the core and around 10% on the memory. Any card which allows a core overclock of more than a quarter straight out of the box can't be ignored.

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