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Palit 7900GS Review - Gaming Performance
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Written by Monkeyman   
Sunday, 22 October 2006 20:19
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Battlefield 2

To give a better idea of the real-life performance of this card compared to others, I have tested its performance in one of the most popular current games Battlefield 2 by Electronic Arts, the results were taken using FRAPS (a utility to measure current and average framerate during a game) over a period of 5 minutes on Strike at Karkand one of the best maps at a resolution of 1280x1024 with all settings on high except “effects” and 4xAA.

Average Framerates:

Stock: 88.4 FPS
Overclocked: 93.1 FPS

Only a 5% increase in speed, which is not too surprising being that BF2 is capped at 100fps so the points where the card is not under 100% load and would normally go well above 100fps do not influence the results so much, also some CPU limitation may be coming into effect, this is reflected in the Aquamark 3 results previously.

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