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Sony Ericsson K800i - Usage
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Written by Rondog   
Tuesday, 30 January 2007 09:14
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Sony Ericsson K800i
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Now done to the nitty gritty, actually using the phone. A lot of the function I cannot utilize such as the internet features, video calling, video streaming and all the other 3G only things. Things I can use (and test) include the camera, MP3 player, and actual phone itself.

The navigation on the phone is very simple and intuitive. Pressing the joystick or Menu brings you to the main menu from which it is a matter of using the joystick to finding what you want. From the main screen and pressing a direction on the joystick can activate a custom set program, such as writing a message, or open a folder such as the media folder where all sound clips, songs, photos, pictures and videos are stored. The back button can be used at any time to return the previous menu. And C can be used to clear the previous letter or number from the screen. The green and red buttons are your call/answer and hang up keys.
This joystick which is so useful, is also the most failure prone part of the camera. All previous Sony Ericsson phones which features this joystick, all had failure problems. Usually being the joystick working intermittently because of over use. This is however covered by warranty which gives the end user piece of mind.
Messages and missed calls pop up as alerts in the Events page on the main screen for when you check your phone. This is a very useful feature as it will show all unread txt and pxt messages and all missed calls in the one location. And now onto the features!

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