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Sony Ericsson K800i - Features
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Written by Rondog   
Tuesday, 30 January 2007 09:14
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The camera is astounding, most of you will look at the above image and dismiss it instantly saying that its of poor quality because the image is grainy. Yes, the image is grainy, but it was taken late afternoon in a dark room using the phones flash. I think for a camera phone, this is an impressive effort. In natural light though, it rivals a standalone digital camera.


Outside one afternoon (after my housemate washed his car) I decided to take a photo of it. Now in all seriousness, how can one argue with that? It’s clear, sharp, with vibrant colours and details shadows. We aren’t negligent gardeners, we are on water restrictions!!

This is quite some feat being able to take photos of this quality. It is to be expected though considering the phone does contain a Sony Cyber-Shot lens. 3.2mp a few years ago would have warranted an $800 camera. Now it’s included in an $800 phone!

I live some distance from my nearest phone tower, which means I only receive 4/6 bars worth of signal. I don’t know what these signal bars mean though, because it is crystal clear for people on both ends. Just tonight I was talking to my mother and she asked if she rang the landline it was so clear. And I could here her as if she was standing beside me.

The MP3 player only has a built in speaker in the back of the phone, and no output to other speakers except for the headphones included. For high frequencies such as voice, the speaker is very good, but as with all small diameter speakers, bass simply doesn’t work. It comes out distorted and crackly.

The video play back on this phone is quite cool, supporting video clips of all tested resolutions (I threw 640x480 at it). It doesn’t support .avi or .wmv. Free converters can be found on the internet though to convert into .3gp. I loaded several clips on the phone from my computer in .3gp format with the included USB cable. The sound was good and more than legible. It was crystal clear. The video playback wasn’t choppy or anything. It was perfectly smooth even handle rapidly changing pictures with ease.


  The software that comes supplied with the unit is more than adequate for covering all communication aspects of this phone. I prefer to use My Computer though and browse the phone and its memory card when they come up as Removable Drives. I find it easier.

As mentioned above in the specs, the phone includes a slot for a memory card. It takes up to a 1GB Sony M2 card. Purchasing a 512mb card for $40 when I bought the phone is enough to hold a few MP3’s and a bunch of photos.

The phone itself does not come cheap. Weighing in at a whopping $849 AUD to buy outright, or $500 outright on a $49 Vodafone plan. I purchased it on the latter. While being a somewhat extremely expensive phone, that’s the price you pay for using the same phone as “Bond, James Bond”. The only problem with it I have, I think a design fault, the lens cover on the phone juts out from the back, which makes it easy to catch on things such as a rough surface like denim on jeans when you sliding the phone into your pocket. This phone gets 9 out of 10 from me. Its expensive after all.

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