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Review: HTC Touch Diamond
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Written by Rondog   
Thursday, 02 October 2008 22:56
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Review: HTC Touch Diamond
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I have recently had come into my possession, a HTC Touch Diamond. Come join me I uncover the massive potential this small device has.

Over the past few weeks and months there have been claims from three different mobile phone manufacturers, claiming they have created the greatest phone the telecommunications industry has ever seen.

Technophiles the world over have been awaiting the launch of these three new devices with bated breath. The three contenders vying for the love of the people (and indeed their money) are:

  • The Apple iPhone, which some are likening to the second coming of Christ
  • The Samsung i900, more commonly known as the Omnia; which after a quick Google, I learn the name is Latin for ‘everything’
  • And the final contender HTC’s Touch Diamond which in my humble opinion, is by far the sexiest of the three.

{multithumb thumb_width=384 thumb_height=288 resize=1 full_width=550 full_height=526}Picture of HTC Touch Diamond

Naturally, all the Apple fanboys (and girls) out there will simple buy an iPhone because of the nice fruity logo. There will also be many other users who find the iPhone interface simplistic and great to use. Others will buy either the Diamond or the Omnia because they run on Windows Mobile 6.1 and have grown accustomed to it. However, I have never ever owned an iPod, or a device running the Windows Mobile OS.

My fiancée required a new phone for her 21st birthday, one with reminder functionality. We settled on the HTC Touch Diamond. Part of me buying it for her was the condition I got to spend the day with it writing this review, I myself will be getting an Omnia in the coming months when they are released in Australia.

Take a look on the next page for an insight into the nuts and bolts of what makes a Diamond work.

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