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Review: HTC Touch Diamond - Touch FLO!
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Written by Rondog   
Thursday, 02 October 2008 22:56
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Review: HTC Touch Diamond
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Touch FLO!

I can sum up the Touch Flo system in two words. These words are: FREAKIN’ SWEET!! Some people have complained that it is slow, unresponsive and cumbersome. I personally love it and find very easy to operate. You can see the system in motion on the attached video.

You Tube Video

It’s very easy to flick it across to settings and disable audio to put it on silent. Once you learn to operate it, it’s quite simple to get to most of the everyday applications from the Flo system

Unfortunately you cannot modify the Touch Flo menu straight out of the box, you need an application known as Diamond TF3D Config. It allows you to hide and re-order the tabs.

Other features on the main screen include Task Manager (shown in the red box on the image below). You can see all open (and you can close them) by clicking this symbol.

The green box shows the basic system status, which when pressed launches the system status window which allows you to click on the battery to see battery life remaining or sound status.

The blue box also launches system status which also includes things like network signal strength and name.

The yellow box is Microsoft Customer Improvement Program, I simply ignore this.

See over the page for connectivity.


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