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Review: HTC Touch Diamond - Interconnectivity
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Written by Rondog   
Thursday, 02 October 2008 22:56
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The Comm Manger makes all of this possible. Showing all network connections and there status in a great on/off style window. Bluetooth, WiFi, Phone, Data Connection and Airplane Mode are all shown on this screen. Airplane mode is nifty feature which enabled you to turn off all outgoing radio signals at the touch of a button without turning the phone off.

{multithumb thumb_width=384 thumb_height=288 resize=1 full_width=800 full_height=600}Phone Display

By turning on WiFi, you can then click on settings which puts you through to the settings of WiFi, Bluetooth or Phone where can connect it to other devices or networks depending on whether you are in Bluetooth or WiFi settings.

The built in organizer is really quite cool too. It looks, feels, and operates like Outlook does. That makes it really simple to work and it's easy to sync up. Pair the phone with your PC via Bluetooth, and then it's just a matter of starting the sync program and hitting sync via Bluetooth.

A bit of a niggly problem, alarms do not sound when the phone is silent, which for me is bad. I need my alarm to wake up, but I have my phone on silent during the night for the rude people who like to me at 3am, when I’ve only been in bed for an hour and need to be up in 2 hours. Aside from that, ringing volume is quite loud which is always good; as is the volume from the speaker both normally and when it’s on speaker phone.

It’s now time for some happy snaps on the next page.

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