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Review: Logic 3 Solar Charger for PSP, DS & SP
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Written by Danrok   
Friday, 11 November 2005 10:02
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Review: Logic 3 Solar Charger for PSP, DS & SP
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Need to recharge your Sony PlayStation Portable or Nintendo DS on the move with no obvious power source? Solar power is the answer! A solar charger can come in very handy when travelling to countries where the mains voltage does match your mains charger's input voltage. No need for adaptors if you have a solar charger.

Review: Logic 3 Solar Charger for PSP, DS & SP


I bought my Logic 3 Solar Charger online for about £25. These are available from many online shops and regular shops. I'll be using it to recharge the battery in my Sony PSP.

The photo below shows the package and contents.

Photo of packaging
Open it up

In the photo below you can see what the device looks like when it is folded open to reveal two small solar panels. It looks a bit like a tiny laptop computer and you can adjust the angle of the top panel. Although, I found that mine didn't want to stay put at certain angles. The hinge could do with being a bit stiffer. The two panels don't lock together when closed up. It would have been good if there was some kind of catch to prevent it from opening up when dropped. That way the panels would be better protected. Still, it does appear to be fairly robust.

Photo of charger

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