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Review: Logic 3 Solar Charger for PSP, DS & SP - Cables and connections
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Written by Danrok   
Friday, 11 November 2005 10:02
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Review: Logic 3 Solar Charger for PSP, DS & SP
Cables and connections
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Supplied cables

The charger is supplied with two different cables. One of them is of no use to me, since it must be for connecting to a Nintendo DS, the other will fit my Sony PSP. The cables are short in length and therefore ideal for carrying around, perhaps in a coat pocket. There is no way of stowing a cable inside the charger which would have been better than having the risk of two items becoming seperated.

Power outlet, switch and LED

The photo below shows the power outlet which provides DC at 5.2 volts. Next to it is an on/off switch. The solar panels own internal battery charges up from a light source with the switch in the "off" position. The green LED next to it will glow to show that the panels are collecting energy.

The solar panels will collect energy from not just the sun, but artifical light sources. So, you could place the panels underneath a bedside lamp in a hotel room at night time. Of course, it will take much longer to charge up in lower light levels. The shortest charging period you can expect is 8 hours when the unit is placed in strong direct sunlight.

Power Inlet

There is a power input socket, on the other side, for charging the internal battery using the PSP's mains charger. This comes in handy if you simply want to use the unit as a spare battery or for giving it a full charge when at home before going on your travels.

power inlet

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