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EPoX UK makes us a great offer! Making real use of USDM 3's P80P temperature readout - a mod....
Written by ET   
Monday, 22 November 2004 10:07
As only the EP-4PDA2 series mainboards offer instant connectivity to the Easybay to get the functionality of P80P diagnostics on the front of the chassis, myself and my assistant Craig have devised a mod that will enable you with the use of USDM 3 to have your temperature displayed on your P80P on the front of the chassis using an Easybay.


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You can purchase an Easybay and carry out the modification outside of warranty, or if you are a UK customer, we will carry out the work under warranty and supply Easybay at the same time if you so wish for a nominal charge.

First we have to identify the place where the P80P sits on the back side of the PCB and identify pin 1 which is square (see 1st image).

Secondly we have to cut the P80P end connector wires from the 9 pin block and solder the wires to the back of the PCB in accordance with the colour chart (see 2nd image)

We will then have the final modified result (3rd image) which then in operation appears as per the 4th image.

This modification will work with all EPoX mainboards that have a single piece twin 7 segment display (won't work with older boards where two seperate 7 segment displays are incorporated onto the PCB).



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