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Guide: Overview of a motherboard
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 10 February 2007 06:30
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Guide: Overview of a motherboard
A layered PCB
BIOS chip
Diagnostic LED port
On-board audio chip
On-board LAN chip
I/O controller chip
The Chipset
Voltage Regulators
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This article provides a simple walk-through of the various components which make up a modern computer motherboard.  If you're new to building PCs or fine tuning and overclocking hardware, you will find it helpful to have a good general idea of the various parts found on a motherboard. 

The sample motherboard used in this article is an Epox 9ND3+, which is based around the Nvidia nForce 3 chipset.  However, the guide is generally relevant to most motherboards in use today.

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