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Review: EPoX 9NDA3+ AMD Socket 939
Written by bradmax57   
Sunday, 02 January 2005 03:57
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Review: EPoX 9NDA3+ AMD Socket 939
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Bradmax57 has been examining the delights of the EPoX 9NDA3+ motherboard. This board is proving to be a popular Socket 939 platform, so why not see what all the fuss is about.

It certainly comes in a posh box! But are the goods worthy of the attire?

Review: EPoX 9NDA3+


The 9NDA3+ is EPoX’s first Socket 939 offering in the exciting AMD 64-bit market and I now have the pleasure of owning one. Based on the nForce 3 Ultra chipset which provides dual channel memory capability and a 2ghz system bus. The board features a special Power BIOS for overclocking and tweaking.


Motherboard Features

5x PCI Expansion Slots
1x AGP 8x Slot (1.5v only)
4x DDR400 DIMM Slots with Dual-Channel
2x IEEE 1394a Ports by VT6307
Legacy Support for Floppy Drive, Serial & Parallel Ports
USB2.0 with up to 480Mbps transfer speed and USB1.1 Support
On-board Sound, 8 Channel ALC850 for Home Cinema and Gaming
Serial ATA and Ultra ATA100/133
GbE LAN allowing data transmission at 1,000 mega bits per second
nVidia Hardware Firewall
EPoX P80P diagnostic LED display
Hardware Monitoring of CPU temperature, voltage and fan speed
SPDIF-out connector for quick connection to 6 channel speakers

Next we'll take a closer look at the board and the box contents...

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