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DFI Lanparty UT NF680i LT SLI-T2R motherboard
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 09 June 2007 18:17

ImageOverclockers Club have reviewed this DFI Intel motherboard:

How many of you have heard of DFI? How many of you think of performance when you think of DFI? I know I do. The product that we will be looking at today is DFI's foray into the 680i chipset market. Coming to market later than many of the other manufacturers, my expectations are higher due to the longer time to reach the market. I have come to expect the highest performance from DFI on each and every platform, be it Intel or AMD. The ability to wring the most performance out of my CPUs and memory with DFI's motherboards has made me a repeat customer. Boasting such features as 3x 16x PCIe slots(2x16x + 1x8x for a physics processor), Quad core support, 8 channel Realtek sound and the overclockability of the Nvidia 680i LT chipset, this board looks like it may well live up to the Lanparty reputation. Let's see if it can!

Diamond Flower International or more commonly known in the enthusiast community as DFI was formed in 1981 in Taiwan under the guiding principals of Mr. Y.C. Lu. Their corporate offices are located in Hsi-Chih City in Taiwan with regional offices spread across the globe. DFI does not only make high end enthusiast style motherboards but has moved into graphics solutions,a complete line of advanced motherboards and has moved into the field of applied computing platforms. DFI is dedicated to serving their customer with rock solid solutions and customer service. DFI was the first ISO9001 certified company in Taiwan showing their commitment to quality engineering and manufacturing.

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