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Review: LG P1 Express Dual notebook - Performance
Written by Rondog   
Monday, 09 October 2006 12:51
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Review: LG P1 Express Dual notebook
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Now, let’s get down to what really matters. Real world performance. The benchmarks that I will be using, include, Super PI, 3DMark, 01, 03, and 05.

Super PI comes in at 33sec for the 1M test. Not a bad result for a laptop. The processor does manage to do itself justice. Let’s see how ATi’s Mobility X1400 fares when punished with 3DMark.

Not a totally stellar result for 3D Mark 01, considering the world record is now well over 60,000 marks. This is a laptop though, not a pair of 7950 GX2’s in SLI on an Intel Conroe X6800. It is still enough to hold its own though. My A64 S754 3200+ 9600XT scored 12600 at stock, but reached 15682 when overclocked. So it’s still a reasonable enough score to warrant light gaming.

The 3DMark03 result appears to be quite second rate. But taking into account that this is an office unit, not a gaming machine, and looking at the individual scores, it suddenly takes on a new appearance. The first test “Wings of Fury” scored extremely well, generally placing in the 100-140 FPS range. “Battle of Proxycon” was not as good, it averaged about 25 FPS. “Troll’s Lair” was slightly better averaging approximately 50 FPS. The laptop really struggled with the nature test scoring only about 15-20 FPS.

Same as the other 3DMark results, nothing stellar, but perfectly acceptable for the hardware of the laptop and the cost of the unit. “Return to Proxycon” did poorly, averaging 20 FPS. Was more like witnessing a slide show than a game. The test where the firefly is buzzing around the forest fared ever so slightly better achieving approximately 23 FPS. I imagine with some overclocking, this would really fly. But realistically, who overclocks a laptop? They are built for portability not performance enthusiasts.

Overall, the 3DMark results were not mind blowing, but as I have already said, it’s a laptop, not an SLI or Crossfire gaming machine.


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