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Review: LG P1 Express Dual notebook - Final Throughts
Written by Rondog   
Monday, 09 October 2006 12:51
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Review: LG P1 Express Dual notebook
Final Throughts
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During my time using this laptop, it was thrashed, I installed games, apps, downloaded, updates, copied 40gb of files to the laptop over the network, and wrote this article all at the same. Did it struggle? In a word, no. No matter what I threw at this machine I did not experience slow downs, or freezing while the cache caught up. This is without a doubt, the fastest computer I have ever used, including my desktop. The wireless network performance was simply stunning, it managed to connect to wireless network at what I estimate at 300 metres from the building (rough estimate), it was intermittent, but managing to connect at all was quite a feat I believe.

I had intended to include HDD tacho and SiSoft Sandra tests as well, but the laptop got wrecked in my car accident before I could get to that stage. Now that I know the laptop is breakable, ALWAYS keep the laptop in the back, that will at least offer some protection when it hits the dash at 60km/h.

Based on the following criteria I have come to a judgment on the LG P1 Express Dual:

Screen quality: 9/10
Ease of use: 8/10
Games performance: 7/10
Network performance: 8/10

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