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Intel Core 2 Quadro
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Written by KeithWalton   
Wednesday, 13 September 2006 11:14

Kentsfield aka Core 2 Quadro isnt far away now! Engineering samples have been floating around for some time, and a new batch has recently been doing the rounds. It seems this chip is ready to go as the mid-october time frame has been mooted as a release date. Now this is really dragging the chip kicking and screaming into life.
It was originally slated for Q1 2007 and it was only a few weeks ago that this became Q4 2006 and now it would appear that its early Q4 2006 at that!

I do wonder if Intel's launch will coincide with amds ramp to 65nM ? do amd have there quad core waiting in the wings as a suprise counter measure or are intel just getting ready and putting more pressure on there rival.

As intel are being far from quiet about there cpu releases these days.

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