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Dual-CPU desktop comes of age
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Written by Danrok   
Monday, 04 February 2008 14:15

Nebojsa Novakovic at the Inquirer has taken a look at Intel's D5400XS "SkullTrail" motherboard, some beast!

From INQ:

AMD WAS the first to push the idea of dual-socket high-end PCs using optimised flavours of its workstation/server platforms, with the 4x4 QuadFather units late in 2006. An answer to Intel's quad-core rollout then, 4x4 - two times dual-core setup based on an Asus SLI mobo - was never seen much in public, with the limited units available only in selected markets, and even then hard to get. It did achieve stunning memory benchmarks out of its total four DDR2-800 channels, too.

Intel didn't need to rush with this approach - its dual-die quad-core CPU parts performed well, keeping the performance lead till this very day, in fact. The lacklustre memory performance of their early dual-socket chipsets notwithstanding.

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