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LifeLock CEO said to be victim of identity theft 13 times
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 19 May 2010 17:32

From  Computer World

A CEO who publicly posted his Social Security number on billboards and in TV commercials as part of a campaign to promote his company's credit monitoring services was the victim of identity theft at least 13 times, a news report says.

The Phoenix New Times reported that Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock Inc. in Tempe, Ariz., was victimized numerous times by identity thieves who apparently used his Social Security number to commit various types of fraud.

Davis previously admitted that he was the victim of identity theft once in 2007, when a man in Texas used his Social Security number to take out a $500 loan that ended up being handled by a collection agency.

The New Times reported that Davis has been a victim of identity theft at least a dozen more times.

Among the examples cited in the report was one involving a thief in Albany, Ga., who opened an AT&T wireless account in Davis' name and used it to rack up more than $2,300 in charges.

In another instance, an individual used Davis' identity to open an account with Centerpoint Energy, a Texas utility, and left behind $122 in unpaid bills, the report said.

It also cited examples in which individuals who had stolen Davis' identity owed more than $573 to a bank and $312 to a gift basket company.

The numerous incidents belie LifeLock's claims that the services it offers protects consumers against identity theft and fraud, the report noted.

Davis said via e-mail that there had been "hundreds" of attempts to use his personal information in a fraudulent manner since 2005. All but 13 of those attempts were unsuccessful, Davis said.

"In each of these cases, our member services team performed the same service that it would for any LifeLock member," Davis said, adding that he had never lost of money as a result of the identity theft.

"I was saved many of hours of invaluable time, and my credit report has been corrected," Davis said.


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