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Security firm predicts Stormy weather for New Year's weekend
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 27 December 2007 12:23

Security firm predicts Stormy weather for New Year's weekend

By Joel Hruska | Published: December 27, 2007 - 11:20AM CT
ARS Technica

Earlier this week, we covered the appearance of a new variant of the Storm Worm. The attacks it launched, however, have evidently been unsuccessful; the authors' decision to wait until December 24 to release the worm into the wild ultimately helped prevent attacks, not create them. Let's face it: December 24 and 25 aren't exactly high Internet traffic days, so there was no chance at achieving critical mass.

By all accounts, the entire purpose of these renewed attacks is to expand the Storm Worm's fading botnet, and its timing wasn't coincidental—the Storm Worm's use of Christmas / New Year themes is a direct attempt to trick people into a sense of security and make them more willing to click "Yes" on an install box or antivirus override warning.

Now, security firm F-Secure has detected rumblings that suggest the Storm Worm producers have learned from their mistake. A new version of Storm has already begun to appear in the wild, masquerading as a postcard service.

The attack follows Storm's usual profile. Upon checking email, the happy recipients are instructed to visit the website "uhave" (space inserted) to view their digital greeting card. Upon arrival, the website attempts to install "Happy2008.exe; if successful, Storm begins its standard attack sequence, connects to its designated P2P network, and begins spamming.

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