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Report: Top Secret Economic Data Stolen from World Bank in Security Meltdown
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 21 October 2008 11:07

One of the world's largest financial institutions, the World Bank has reportedly lost a large amount of sensitive data, continues to deny reports
Jason Mick (Blog) - October 20, 2008 11:50 AM

The World Bank is the world's largest anti-poverty multilateral organization, representing over 185 member nations.  World Bank president Robert Zoellick has been pushing hard for the organization -- which hands out $25B USD yearly in poverty relief -- to be pillar of strength amidst the global economic crisis, and a beacon of hope for the future.  Those efforts have been dealt a major blow as it has been revealed that the World Bank has lost a large amount of confidential information in what can only be called a mammoth security breach.

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