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Clock may be ticking for Google to act on China
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 29 January 2010 18:43

Two weeks after drawing a line in the sand, analysts hope Google follows through on threat

About two weeks after Google publicly squared off with the Chinese government, the world is still watching for the search company's next step.
Some industry watchers wonder how long Google can wait before some supporters of the initial move start to get frustrated with what they see as a lack of follow through on its threat.


Google announced on Jan. 12 that a major attack launched against its network from hackers inside China had forced it to consider abandoning its Chinese operations. The company also said that the attack, which was aimed at exposing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists, prompted it to reconsider its agreement with the Chinese government to censor search results of users in the country.

A week later Google CEO Eric Schmidt told analysts during the company's quarterly earnings call that he was holding out hope that it could continue doing business in China. He said on the call that the company was still censoring search results in China, but expects to stop soon.     [

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