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All CPU Meter v.4.3 for Windows
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 10 November 2012 13:42

With this All CPU Meter Gadget you can display your total of processor usage in percentage, processor clock speed, name of processor, display all core of processor usage in percentage and with different color. Support up to 2 processors and up to 16 cores there is included sixteen cores, twelve cores, eight cores, six cores, quad cores, triple cores, dual core and single core.
For the processor cores temperatures and alert CPU temperature feature you have to run the PC Meter or CoreTemp application in the background to show the temperatures.
For the RAM (Random Access Memory) it can display your used, free, total usage in MB (megabyte) and also total usage in a bar and percentage. For the graph it can display all core of processor usage and RAM usage by drawing style in line or filled.
For the flyout features you have to click on the icon (Intel, AMD or CPU) or click on title (CPU Usage) to show the information. There are a lot of information included processor (manufacturer, name of the processor, Caption, processor Id, max clock speed, front-side bus, L2 cache size, L3 cache size, current voltage, number of cores and number of logical processors), operating system (name of the OS, CSD version, OS version, serial number, install date, last boot up time, number of processes, number of users and OS architecture), Base Board (manufacturer, product and serial number), BIOS (name of the BIOS, manufacturer, BIOS version, release date and serial number) and Computer System (manufacturer, model and system type).

Supports operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008.

All CPU Meter gadget


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