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Nvidia 77.76 Forceware Driver Set With Major Bugfixes And New Tech Demos!
Written by Dsio   
Wednesday, 20 July 2005 11:02

This is a major bugfix driver! Over the last couple of months, Nvidia has been working on extracting extra performance and image quality from their cards, which they have definately done in spades with the 77 series drivers, however some noticeable issues have been creeping into their drivers in the video processing department. The 77.76 driver fixes all of those video issues. No more will you have to fiddle with the overlay settings and enable VMR to produce good quality video. As well as perfect video quality, these drivers improve stability and for me at least, performance from the 77.72 driver also, the Nvidia 7800GTX coldbug is 100% gone.

These drivers are recommended OVER the 80.40s, despite the 80.40s having a higher number as they have far better stability, and virtually identical performance. The folks at have not released a modded version of these drivers as of yet, but in my opinion, this is the one time it is NOT worth waiting for the Xtreme-G version. These drivers give critically needed stability, and fix several known issues, and should be used as soon as possible. If that means changing to the TweaksRUs Xtreme-G version after only a couple of days, I would still consider it worth it. The XG version of these is likely to be a keeper.

Click Here To Download The Nvidia 77.76 Forceware Driver Set!

While you are grabbing some new drivers, why not try out the latest Nvidia 7800GTX Technology Demos, Luna and Mad Mod Mike! Though they are designed to run on Nvidia 7 series hardware, they work perfectly on current Nvidia 6800 and 6600 cards, so give them a try, and see how far your Shader Model 3.0 graphics card can really go!  

Click Here To Download The Nvidia "Luna" Technology Demo  

Click Here To Download The Nvidia "Mad Mod Mike" Technology Demo

Essential Downloads:

Nvidia Xtreme-G Modified 80.40 Driver  

Creative NGO performance Audigy / Audigy 2 / Live! drivers  

ATI Catalyst 5.6 Drivers  

VIA Hyperion Pro 5.00 Chipset Drivers  

Nvidia nForce modified chipset drivers version 6.53


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