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Dungeon Siege II Demo Available Now! At AOAFiles
Written by Dsio   
Wednesday, 17 August 2005 20:21

The Dungeon Siege II Demo is now available for download at AOAFiles!

It's time to return to the beautiful world of Aranna! Be warned that it is a place scarred by civil war. As you lead an elite battle party against the vicious Valdis, you'll notice the lines of good and evil have become blurred and you will be called upon to wield your swords and use spells to save this world from its impending destruction. Dungeon Siege II offers intense party-based combat through realistic special effects and a new system of in-engine cinematic storytelling.

The minimum system requirements for Dungeon Siege II are a 1Ghz or better CPU, 256MB of RAM, and an ATI 7000 / Nvidia Geforce / Intel Extreme video processor.  For optimum gaming, a 2Ghz CPU, with 512MB RAM and an ATI 9500 or Geforce 4 TI is recommended.

Click Here To Download The Dungeon Siege II Demo From AOAFiles (1432MB)


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