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BattleField 2 Version 1.20 Patch Released!
Written by Dsio   
Wednesday, 15 February 2006 20:51

EA have released the version 1.20 patch for BattleField 2, which includes an extremely long list of bugfixes, and some changes to gameplay.  This is really a very long time in comming, and it is good to see that EA have finally made a serious, proactive effort to make BattleField 2, live up to its full potential.  BattleField 2 has had numerous bugs over the last few months, including some that made it completely unplayable.  Hopefully, this patch should solve all remaining problems that people have had with the game.

To view the list of bugfixes, Click Here

The 1.20 Patch is available in two forms, one for people with Version 1.12 of BattleField 2 already, which is a smaller incremental patch, and one that is a full patch, and can be applied to any version of the game.

Click Here To Download The BattleField 2 Incremental V1.12 -> V1.20 Patch From (81.6MiB)

Click Here To Download The BattleField 2 FULL Version 1.20 Patch From (357.6MiB)

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