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F.E.A.R Version 1.03 Patch Available At
Written by Dsio   
Sunday, 19 February 2006 10:20

Sierra has released the Version 1.03 patch for their hit first person shooter game, F.E.A.R.

This patch includes a very large list of bugfixes.  This includes several fixes for multiplayer instability, server crash issues, and some problems that were caused by the Version 1.02 patch not installing correctly.

Several small game enhancements and feature improvements have also been made, particularly to the multiplayer component of the game.

Punkbuster has also been added in this version of F.E.A.R to combat multiplayer game cheats. 

The file is a large one, but will patch any version of F.E.A.R from V1.00-1.02 to Version 1.03.

Click Here To Download The F.E.A.R Version 1.03 Patch From (255.7MiB)

If you havn't played F.E.A.R before, it is well worth a Try! 

Click Here To Download The F.E.A.R Single Player Demo From (646.7MiB)

Click Here To Download The F.E.A.R Multi Player Demo From (250.6MiB)


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