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Changes to AOAFiles
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 08 April 2006 12:05
In our continuing efforts to improve the quality of AOA for our users, we have made some modifications to the code that runs the files site:

  1. Logins are NO LONGER REQUIRED in order to download files.  World+dog may now download at will.
  2. World+dog is bandwidth limited to 100KiB/Second.  Logged in members are bandwidth limited to 150 KiB/Second, Subscribers get full pipe bandwidth.
  3. World+dog has lowest priority access to files, members have medium access, and Subscribers have highest priority access.  What this means is that in situations where the server is heavily loaded with downloads (like the release of a very popular file) Subscribers will get their download request serviced first, logged in members next, and everyone else as the resources come available.
  4. Ads are handled the same way as in the forums;  non-subscribers see all ads, subscribers see only the top banner ad.
  5. The directory list now only shows the File Title (or name if no Title has been set), and description.  When you click on the 'File Information' link, it will take you to a second page which shows you all of the detailed information about the file, along with a download link to the actual file.  Direct links to the file download will be redirected to the file information page.
  6. The MD5 hash of the file is displayed on the file information page and sent along with the file as part of the HTTP header.  Most modern browsers should support this, and will automatically compute the MD5 hash on the recieved file and compare it with the MD5 hash sent in the HTTP header to ensure file transfer integrity.  Even if your browser doesn't support this (or you are paranoid) you can manually compute the MD5 hash on the file by using a program such as MD5Sum and comparing the result against the published file hash.
 It is our hope that these changes will make AOAFiles an even more useful resource to you in the future than it has been in the past.
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