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Oblivion 1.1 Patch, and Nvidia Xtreme-G 91.31 Driver At
Written by Dsio   
Wednesday, 07 June 2006 06:46

The official Oblivion Version 1.1 Patch has been released by Bethesda Softworks.  This patch contains a massive slew of bugfixes, improvements to SLI and Crossfire performance, and most importantly, a new "Very Low Quality" setting, which should improve performance on older video cards such as the Geforce FX / ATI 9600 series.

Click Here To Download The Oblivion Version 1.1 Patch (US Version Only) (1.6 MiB)

Click Here To Download The Oblivion Version 1.1 Patch (UK, Euro & Australian Version) (1.2 MiB) 

We also have a new TweaksRUs Xtreme-G Modified driver set, based on the Nvidia Forceware 91.31 driver set.  The guys at TRU have changed the naming system of their drivers to simplify their releases, and now will be putting out a single driver, called "Xtreme-G Select" for each Forceware release.  

The Forceware 91.31 driver set that this modified driver is based on are a very interesting set indeed.  They include support for Nvidia's new 7950 GX2 video card, along with the new Nvidia control panel (thankfully, TweaksRUs give you the option to use the classic control panel that we all know and love).  There is also a large number of PureVideo improvements including:  Noise reduction post processing, Image sharpening post processing, Improved inverse telecine algorithm, improved compatability with 3rd party Mpeg-2 decoders.  Along with this, the 91.31 XG driver set offers top notch Image Quality, and very high performance and stability.  Highly Recommended.

Click Here To Download The TweaksRUs Xtreme-G 91.31 Modified Nvidia Driver Set (17.2 MiB)



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