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Ageia PhysX Drivers, Nvidia nTune and Game Videos
Written by Dsio   
Thursday, 22 June 2006 06:37

Ageia has released a new driver for their PhysX series of Physics Processing Units.  This new driver contains several optimisations and enhancements for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare, and City of Villians, along with several bugfixes and engine tweaks.

Click Here To Download The Ageia PhysX Version 2.4.4 Driver From AOAFiles (9.4MiB)

Nvidia have released a new version of their nTune software, for accessing, monitoring, and tweaking system components including temperatures, voltages, and a large slew of overclocking options. 

Click Here To Download The Nvidia nTune System Management Software Version 5.0 From AOAFIles (26.6MiB)

We also have a new unified videos section, available from the side panel on the AOAFiles frontpage.  This video section contains trailers, teasers, in game videos, and technology demonstrations.  The latest addition to this new section is the Metal Gear Solid 4 Demonstration Video, which runs a full 15 minutes.  Very much worth watching to anyone that loves Metal Gear, Playstation, or just great 3D graphics.

Click Here To Download The Metal Gear Solid 4 Video Demonstration from AOAFiles (376.1MiB)

Also, Check out the AOAFiles Video Section Here!


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