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Oblivion Natural Environments Mod, AMD CPU Optimizer, and More!
Written by Dsio   
Sunday, 09 July 2006 18:44

Natural Environments is a very well made mod for Oblivion that makes the outdoor environments even more stunning than normal to look at, adds more realistic and natural weather, more realistic foliage, and makes a real difference, breathing new life into the game.  Installation instructions are included in the package.  This has only been on AOA for less than two weeks, and has had massive popularity in that time, with many people raving about it.  Very Highly Recommended for Oblivion owners.

Click Here To Download The Natural Environments Mod For Oblivion From

 AMD has also been busy at work squeezing more out of their Athlon 64 CPUs, and have released a new "dual core optimizer" to further increase performance of dual core chips, by making changes how applications access timing information.  It has been shown that this new tool actually improves performance in single core applications as well as dual core, so this is well worth downloading if you own an Athlon 64 CPU.  Performance gains are in the order of 5-10% in some cases, and the best part is that this is a free gift from AMD.

Click Here To Download The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer Driver From



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