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Sony Embarks on a New Crusade With 3-D Gaming
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 17 June 2010 16:55

From Technology News

Sony's pushing hard for 3-D gaming on the PlayStation 3, but before anyone can enjoy in-your-face video games at home, they'll have to spend big on a 3-D television. It's a long-haul strategy, a course that Sony will have to remain on for years in order to start reaping benefits. In a way, it's reminiscent of the launch of the PlayStation 3 itself.

The auditorium darkens, the audience members put on their 3-D glasses, and a screen fills up with point-of-view images of sci-fi warfare -- futuristic soldiers leaping from one military platform to another in special weaponized jetpacks, raining death and destruction.

A scene from a potential sequel to James Cameron's "Avatar?" No, just another attempt to take that blockbuster film's success and translate it into another medium -- this time video games. The sequence from the forthcoming "Killzone 3" game was used to highlight Sony's (NYSE: SNE) 3-D strategy for its PlayStation 3 console during the company's Tuesday keynote presentation at the E3 conference in Los Angeles.

Indeed, Sony Computer Executive CEO Kaz Hirai told the crowd that 2010 would be looked upon as the year that his company was able to bring a compelling "Avatar"-style 3-D experience to the gaming industry. However, the question remains: Will consumers have the real-world bucks to spend on a suite of products that has to include a US$3,000-6,000 3-D-capable television? Will those same consumers have the patience for wearing stereoscopic glasses, also required for the full experience?

3-D is Sony's biggest bet and one of the more surprising (and audience-pleasing) aspects of its E3 keynote. The company also announced pricing and availability for its motion-control PlayStation Move system: $50 starting Sept. 19 in North America. A Navigation controller adds $30 to the cost, but consumers are being offered two bundles -- $100 for a Playstation Eye camera (vital to the Move platform), the Move wand, Navigation controller and a sports-themed game. $400 bucks gets you all that and a PS3.


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