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Broken people, loaded guns: Ars reviews Medal of Honor
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 18:31

From ARS Technica

Medal of Honor is a love letter to the armed forces. It's a look at Tier 1 operatives, super-soldiers that the game elevates to near-godlike status. These are people who can go anywhere and kill anyone, who are monstrously capable at their job, and whose job it is to enact foreign policy through gun sights. The game takes place in Afghanistan, with no attempt to obscure the nationalities of the various brown people you'll be killing. There's no room for a humanized or complex enemy here; your opponents just chatter away in an alien tongue—until you get close enough to use your knife. God bless us, everyone?


You know how this game works

If you've played a first-person shooter in the past five years, you'll be able to pick this game up with no issues. You need to move slowly, find cover when fired upon, and choose the best weapon for each situation from your load out, or from weapons dropped by fallen enemies. If you take a few hits, don't worry; you just need to find some hard cover and wait until the edges of your screen lose their blood-like tone.

The game emphasizes deliberate movement, pushing forward with purpose and lethal intent. The soldiers are depicted as serious people in a very serious career, and they don't leave living enemies or dead comrades behind.

The explosions are just as serious. This is not a game for small screens and timid headphones; instead, the walls of your game room should shake with the booms, and the gunfire should rattle your teeth. The gunfights get the adrenaline pumping, and while it's clear this is propaganda lavishing praise on our soldiers, it's effective propaganda. The game feels good to play. You'll enjoy killing the enemy, and you'll gain an appreciation for the precision of the tools used to make those deaths happen.

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