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The fall of New York: Ars reviews Crysis 2
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 22 March 2011 21:40

From ArsTechnica:

"This is what it must have looked like," I thought to myself as I stood in a virtual New York street. I watched a building get hit by a crashing alien craft before it crumbled to the ground. There are multiple scenes of such destruction in Crysis 2, and it's odd to see these specifically evocative images in a video game. Crysis 2 may not directly reference the terrorist attacks of September 11, but Crytek is certainly aware of the ghosts that lurk in the American consciousness.

The Xbox 360 is over five years old, and the PlayStation 3 is also getting long in the tooth. That being said, both Killzone 3 and now Crysis 2 show us how much life remains in the systems. I didn't wish for more power while playing. Instead, I was impressed at how many visually impressive things I saw. When this game wants to rock you with visual splendor, even during disturbing scenes of violence, it doesn't pull any punches. In fact, the first achievement you gain in the 360 version asks "Can it run Crysis?" The answer is yes.



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