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Valve introduces free-to-play games to Steam
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 15 June 2011 18:42


Digital distribution outlet Steam has introduced free-to-play games to the service. The PC games platform, which is operated by Portal and Half-life-maker Valve, has kicked off proceedings with five "F2P" titles.

Those include Global Agenda, a massively multiplayer RPG about oppressive government bods on a frankly depressing 2155 Earth, Champions Online, a superhero-themed MMO from Cryptic and Alliance of Valiant Arms, a shooty-bang-bang FPS set in war-torn Europe.

There's also Spiral Knights, a co-op blaster with real-time changes to the clockwork world around you, and Forsaken World, a fantasy MMO that couldn't look more like World of Warcraft if it tried.



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