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inFamous Review
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 25 May 2009 10:18

From Trusted Reviews:

inFamous is the PS3's answer to Crackdown in more ways than, I suspect, its developers ever intended. Hailing from Sucker Punch, the team behind the Sly Racoon series of platformers, it's a sprawling, open-world game where super powers play the major role. The gameplay gives us a next-gen mish-mash of established genres - think of inFamous as an open world, platform action game with elements of an RPG and a duck-and-cover shooter - and the game's long-term appeal hinges largely on an addictive cycle of rewards and power upgrades. Most of all, however, inFamous reminds me of Crackdown because it's a game that's destined to be misunderstood and under-rated. It's a game that demands invention and imagination. Get into it, and you'll find it one of the finest titles on Sony's system, and arguably the best super-hero game yet. I almost dread to say it but, much as I loved Crackdown, inFamous is - for me - the better game.

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