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BioShock 2 Review
Written by Danrok   
Thursday, 11 February 2010 17:53


BioShock 2 is, even in premise, a weird beast that many might argue has no real reason to exist. We loved (well, most of us) the first BioShock and thought the world of Rapture was stunningly realised, but when all was said and done we couldn’t honestly claim to want a new chapter in the story.

The first BioShock felt like a complete tale that ended in a reasonable place (even if the finish was rubbish) and we were content to leave it there. It was like a good book that you enjoyed, but don’t really want to see continued by a new author. For sci-fi buffs, if the original BioShock was Day of the Triffids, then BioShock 2 feels like Night of the Triffids – a solid expansion perhaps, but hardly required reading.



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