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'Hands-Off' Reviews of Microsoft's Project Natal Emerge
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 18:35

From  PC World

Project Natal

'Hands-on' with Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 360 motion detection gizmo? Impossible, since your hands touch nothing, nor your arms, elbows, legs, knees, or feet. Still, Project Natal, as the mechanism is called, can reportedly do a full-body scan instantaneously as you approach its tube-like webcam, mapping your "arms and elbows, hips, legs and feet" and "replicating your entire body in an on-screen avatar," according to Irish tech site Silicon Republic.


How do they know? Because Microsoft demonstrated Natal to a handful of people in London last night, offering a chance to try out the dodgeball game demonstrated at last year's E3. Sadly that's all they demonstrated, but it gave skeptical gamers a chance to gauge the accuracy of the technology two quarters in advance of its planned 2010 holiday release.

For starters, while Natal's camera can map an impressive array of spatial activity, it suffers from slight lag.

MTV's Russ Frushtick timed the lag at one-tenth of a second...or tried to. I'm not sure human reflexes and synaptic processes work fast enough to reliably hand-clock in increments of tenths of seconds.

Still, accurate or no, the consensus seems to be that there is some delay, though there's disagreement about whether that spells trouble for the tech rolling forward.

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