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Got a Netgear Wall Plug Ethernet Bridge?
Written by Aidan   
Friday, 16 July 2004 01:47

Netgear has announced a recall of some of it's Wall Plug Ethernet Bridges. If you have one, and it has a model number of XE102 AND the serial number are XE12A32LB000001 through XE12A32LB005000 or XE12134LB005021 through XE12143LB053586, then you should contact Netgear. The plastic top could become seperated, and expose mains voltages. However, Netgear have a repair kit that can be used to prevent this from happening.

More details on Netgear's site
Time to patch Windows again
Written by Aidan   
Wednesday, 14 July 2004 06:27

It's Microsoft Patch day again! Go run Windows Update if you haven't already today. There's a number of new patches fixing a few more holes in Windows.
More IE security woes!
Written by Aidan   
Tuesday, 13 July 2004 06:30

An unsurprising event has occured! Someone has found more security problems with Internet Explorer. There are a number of issues that allow a malicious website to install software on the machine, add links to favourites or other areas of the machine, modify the channel links, and 'alter' the appearance of dialog boxes and other windows.

The outcome of all this is that it's possible for spyware to install itself on your computer simply by visiting a website, it's possible for a webpage to click on links in your webbrowser for you, and it's possible for a site to add itself to your favourites list without asking you.

What we recommend: Use a different browser!
This undertaking bears watching!
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 12 July 2004 14:05
Hey Gizmo

First off I must apologize if this is in the wrong forum, if so then mods please move it.
Now what I was going to be saying..
Have you got any pics of your direct die cooling, how do you seal (neoprene??) Do you have a certain flow onto the core and off or is it just a sort of tank over the core?
Have made a few blocks my self but none for CPU's yet, might be an good project for me to try soon.
Heres some pics of the blocks I have made so far....
Copper N/Bridge , MOSFET for myself , S/Br and MOSFET for mates mobo and finally combined S/Bridge and SATA.
Direct die CPU sounds like a nice next project.
Gizmo's reply:
Ah, I was going to ask you if the link didn't give you the info you were looking for. I actually need to update that thread a little. I've changed my sealing system. I used to use a closed cell neoprene foam gasket. That worked ok, but it would tend to compress over time, plus water would leak out and corrode the capacitors and stuff on the top of my CPU (although it never managed to leak out onto the mobo while it was properly mounted).

So now I'm using a soft rubber gasket from, with cutouts for the surface mounts on top of the CPU. I then fill the cutouts with blutak (that blue colored putty stuff for sticking pictures and posters on the wall) to get a good watertight seal around the surface mounts. I've been using that arrangement for about two weeks now, and it seems to work real well. I'll try to get some pics and update that thread soon....
The developing project unfolds here:
Polished Waterblock
AGP eXpress slower than AGP 8x?
Written by Aidan   
Monday, 12 July 2004 07:53

A chinese website by the name of "Myhard" took a good look at AGP eXpress and AGP 8x. They did a comparison using both a Radeon 9800XT as well as a Radeon 7000. What they found was somewhat suprising! Testing with 3DMark01 they found that AGP eXpress dropped the two cards back by between 20% and 28% compared to AGP 8x.

See here for more. Page three has further details!

Ever wondered what goes through a developer's mind?
Written by Aidan   
Friday, 09 July 2004 03:20

Sun, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to show you what really happens in the world of developers. In what could be another case of viral marketing, Sun demonstrate that they actually have a developed sense of humour! Well, at least if you're into computers.

Watch Inside Jack Episode 1: The Sun-Microsoft Thing
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