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Dually shoebox
Written by SurlyJoe   
Monday, 24 May 2004 16:35
Hexus has some pics of an Iwill Dually a-64 SFF. Not all of them, but enough to give you an idea of how cramped it will be.

"You'll clearly be able to see the pair of S940 sockets inline for cooling with a single cooling unit, the nForce3 250 Pro bridge, two DDR DIMM slots and the server-style ATX power connectors. What's not obvious is the built in WiFi hardware and the VIA VT6306 Fire II PCI FireWire400 controller"

Read it here

Big Ol' Beehive
Written by SurlyJoe   
Monday, 24 May 2004 16:34
Seems like just yesterday (actually 2000) I was soldering up my first beehive... Now even Swiftech , the king of slab cooling is making them!

"Have you ever seen such a small temperature threshold? I have never seen such a small difference between idle and load temperatures in my entire career of overclocking. There is one small explanation for this, and its reflected from Swiftech's overall design that actually is quite simple. Hold the water inside the block without hampering overall flow. Despite its 3/8in input and output's the MCW600 is more than adequate for just about anyone. Once again Swiftech has concurred to its own purpose to provide an excellent cooling solution, and at a low cost to the Overclocker! Good Job Swiftech!!"

Read it here

Latest Files!
Written by Aidan   
Sunday, 23 May 2004 13:15

There's now a section on the right hand side that'll show the latest five files that have been placed on the AOA Files site. If you see a file you like, you can simply click on it to be able to download. Of course, there might be more than five files moved onto the site, so don't miss out on something cool because you didn't check!

New Files
Written by Gizmo   
Sunday, 23 May 2004 08:04
We've got some new downloads available in our files section! Why don't you head on over and check them out?

Read it here

Interesting Links v.32
Written by R0BB23   
Sunday, 23 May 2004 08:03

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Forum Latest!
Written by Aidan   
Saturday, 22 May 2004 09:15
Now you can see the titles of five of the latest posts without even having to go into the forum! Nice and easy, with links that take you straight to that post.
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