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Geforce 6 Cards Now Have Transparency Anti-Aliasing Via A Driver Upgrade!
Written by Dsio   
Friday, 11 August 2006 09:48
The latest Nvidia Forceware driver set, the 91.45s, which were designed for the Geforce 7 7950GX2 have had some very interesting side effects for Geforce 6 owners.  Since this set has been modified to work on all cards, TRSS AA (Transparency Anti-Aliasing) which was until now a feature unique to the Geforce 7 series now works perfectly on Geforce 6 cards!

This was picked up first by EliteJavi from TweaksRUs after he tried the latest TRU Xtreme-G modified driver set, and since then its been replicated on all Geforce 6 series cards.  On top of new features, this set really does improve image quality noticeably, and increases performance, particularly under AA and high resolution it would seam.

If you own a Geforce 6 card, and would like to see exactly what this change can mean for your image quality, check out the images in the thread here.

To try these drivers yourself, click here to download the TweaksRUs Xtreme-G 91.45 set from AOAFiles

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