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How broadband made me less than half, then whole!
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 17 August 2006 16:53
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How broadband made me less than half, then whole!
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I recently moved house and for nearly a year I've been miffed at my cable provider...OK I still am, but now it isn't because I'm not getting the 6000 kbps download speeds they advertise, but do not promise!

I had conversations, I had a service guy come out and check the lines and measure every connection. The upshot of it all was that "They" were delivering the bandwidth, I was just basically,... unworthy to receive!

The couldn't tell me why if it was there, I wasn't getting it. AND I wasn't getting it as measured by the very speed test site they use to prove themselves honest. Lot's of sighing and sympathy mind you, but mine seem to them an isolated occurrence... and after all what God denies, no man can restore! ":O}

So I asked in the forum, most knowledgeable place that will have me. Were there some obscure and secret settings in the registry?
Was there an application that would check me out and put me in touch with speed again?

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