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Zalman Dual Heatpipe VGA cooler - VF900-CU
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 17 August 2006 21:03

Read the full review at DriverHeaven:

"ATI's X1k series of graphics cards are certainly a powerful solution for gaming, however whether purchasing a X1900XT or the older X1800 - the coolers are some of the loudest we have heard in our labs. We made it very clear to ATI that their noisy cooling solution needed addressed in the future because this was never an issue for the 78x or 79x Nvidia boards.

Due to the racket created by high end ATI cards (and older models of Nvidia cards) there is a real market out there for alternative cooling solutions. A well designed cooler can make a huge difference to overall system noise and even over clocking potential, so when one of the world’s leading after market cooler makers produces a VGA cooler we had to have a look.”

Image Courtesy of Zalman

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