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Dream a little Terahertz dream for me!
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 19 August 2006 10:28
QJ Net reports:

Soon To Be A Possibility: 3-Terahertz Processor
Posted Aug 18, 2006 at 04:03AM by Kristine C.

The days of the proud 2.5-ish Gigahertz processors may soon be coming to an end. Quentin Diduck, a graduate student of the University of Rochester, has come up with a new chip design that may make the overclocker's dream, a 3-Terahertz processor, become a reality. The creator proudly claims that it may be the next stage of evolution after relays, tubes, and semiconductors.

The design which has been named as the Ballistic Deflection Transistor (BDT) is based upon the idea of bouncing the electrons into their chosen trajectories with the use of inertia, and not brute force. Because inertia doesn't require extra energy to be exerted, far less power is required and the BDT produces very little heat. Experiments have recorded heat generation to be as low as a few microwatts per transistor, and that was without the use of coolants, fans or any type of refrigerant. However, the BDT relies heavily on "2D electron gas", which will facilitate the movement of electrons without the interference of impurities.

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