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What would you pay for online security?
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 22 August 2006 01:08
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Startup Promises Critical-Site Analysis

AUGUST 21, 2006 | If any of the sites in your enterprise might look like good targets for terrorists or potential U.S. enemies, this one's for you.

A startup company called Infrastruct Security received $4 million in Series A funding last month to offer assessments of sites that are considered to be part of the nation's "critical infrastructure" in the event of a war or terrorist attack. A few industries have already begun mandating such assessments, and others are planning to follow suit.

In a nutshell, Infrastruct Security will conduct Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVAs), which follow a systematic methodology for identifying threats and vulnerabilities at a particular location. SVAs, which are recommended by the Department of Homeland Security, evaluate a site's ability to withstand physical attacks by outsiders, and suggest countermeasures to help mitigate them.



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