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Nokia serves up workhorse email handset
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 01 September 2006 09:10

The Inquirer has a first look at an interesting new mobile phone from Nokia:

"IN AN attempt to create a genuine workhorse handset - which also just happens to support email - Nokia has introduced the E50.

This handset is the logical successor to the likes of the 6210 which was extremely popular with business users. Consequently the E50 retains the familiar 'candybar' style shape as opposed to being an overgrown calculator like the E61.

The list of email clients which the E50 supposedly supports straight out of the box is impressive indeed. It includes the new 'Activesync Mail for Exchange' client. That's the result of Nokia's recent decision to licence Activesync technology from the Beast of Redmond, naturally."

(Image Courtesy of The Inquirer)

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