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My pod not i-pod my tunes not itunes...?
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 04 September 2006 13:54
Samsung to Launch Music Service
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Sep 4, 2006

Samsung Electronics, in collaboration with MusicNet, will be launching a new state-of-the-art digital music service, which the company claims will be compatible with all its forthcoming line of portable media players.

According to the Samsung, the underlying technology and service required for the service will be powered by MusicNet. Additionally, the content for its new subscription-based digital music service and download stores will also be provided by MusicNet.
Reportedly, the new music service will offer its customers with a library of more than 2 million licensed songs, which includes content from all of the major record labels and more than 40,000 independent labels. Further details relating to the service and pricing have not been disclosed as yet.
Initially, the music service and stores will be launched in United Kingdom, Germany, and France. They are expected to launch later this year. However, Samsung plans to expand the service throughout Europe and Asia at the later stage.

Samsung's introduction of the new music service can be seen as a competition to Apple Computer's iTunes and Microsoft's upcoming Zune music products.


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