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Intel shuffles BTX in to its deep dark closet
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 11 September 2006 13:04

Read the full story on Hexus:

"Intel called a meeting in Taipei with the mainboard and chassis manufacturers, our Willy managed to stealthfully get the gossip from the meeting and, we have some very interesting beans for all to gander upon. Interestingly enough,its all about one of the blocks which the axe has fallen upon. When Intel was suffering with thermals (not just CPU, but also with dual 160w Graphics cards) it launched a new method of chassis layout - called BTX.

Intel has now decided that it won't be supporting BTX in 2007 with new SKUs in the channel with retail products, however it will of course keep supporting SKUs which are present on the market such as the DQ965-CO. So, whilst the standards are not being ditched - Intel will no longer be supporting them directly for the channel customers, but no doubt will, if the large OEMs request offer support."

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