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Comcast's FCC Win Threatens Net Neutrality
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 18:16

From Information Week

Web site operators who stream high volumes of data over the Internet, including Google and Microsoft, could face higher charges from ISPs as a result of court decision.

An appeals court's ruling this week that the Federal Communications Commission overstepped when it punished Comcast for throttling service to bandwidth-hogging customers could undermine the Obama administration's push for network neutrality on the Internet.

The ruling may free up Internet service providers to charge more for broadband speed, or slow or block access to certain sites. Network neutrality proponents, a group that includes the FCC, believe ISPs should treat all end users and Web site publishers equally, regardless of how much bandwidth they consume.

The U.S. Appeals Court for the District of Columbia on Tuesday ruled the FCC was not within its jurisdiction to tell Comcast whether or not it can limit access to the Internet to certain heavy broadband users.

The case stems from an action the FCC took in August 2008, when the agency tried to stop Comcast from slowing traffic for people who were using the BitTorrent P2P service.


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