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Moore's Law is not dead. It's merely pining for the fjords
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 17:40

From ARS Technica

What if I took to the pages of a major business magazine and made the bold recommendation that, because humans have run out of new places on Earth that we can migrate to, it is past time for us to make the collective leap to faster-than-light travel so that we can explore neighboring solar systems? Your reaction would probably be something like, "Yes, of course everyone would love to go faster than light, and if it were as easy as just deciding we all want to do it then it would be done already."

That's pretty much how I felt after reading a recent Forbes op-ed by NVIDIA's Bill Dally, in which he declares, "It is past time for the computing industry—and everyone who relies on it for continued improvements in productivity, economic growth and social progress—to take the leap into parallel processing." Obviously yes, we would all love to just magically jump right into parallel processing, and transform all of our existing serial workloads into parallel workloads. But there are two big problems: 1) nobody knows the percentage of existing serial workloads that can be usefully parallelized (but it's probably small), and 2) parallel programming is hard.


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